The Unfurl

Post-Apocalyptic Webcomic About Computer Science

Summer 2013 - Present

What Is It?

The Unfurl is a webcomic I started writing in summer of 2013, but I have been planning and structuring it since spring of 2007.

Some backgrounds are first modeled and rendered in Maya, then painted in Photoshop

What Is the Story?

Years after Earth's sun has been blocked by dust in the sky, all aspects of human lives are now governed by the Zephyranthes computer system, which has enough processing power to modify aspects of reality. A group of hackers race against their previous comrades who betrayed them to gain control over Zephyranthes.

Newer line art is made in Manga Studio

What Is It Made With?

I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Manga Studio 5. For some backgrounds, I use Autodesk Maya to build the scene and render it as line art.

The comic is mostly monochrome, but color is used sparsely in key scenes

Anything Else?

As of 03/2015, this comic has been read over 8000 times (current statistics can be found here). I use what I learned in computer science as important plot elements, thus allowing me to combine art and CS in another way. Please read it with the button down below!

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