Deer Hunter

Eat Deer With Your Face

Fall 2013

What Is It?

In this game, the player uses his/her face to control a blob on an African Safari, free to roam around the land to consume and strike terror into the hearts of the deer population.

When the player opens his/her mouth, the blob becomes a monster that scares deer away

What Are the Controls?

Moving one's face to a direction moves the blob to that direction also. Opening one's mouth up wide will make the blob grow, and when it becomes large enough, it reveals its true monstrous nature and starts consuming deer.

The player starts off as a blob (center right) on the safari

What Is It Written In?

The game is written in Processing, the graphics are made in Adobe Photoshop, and the facial recognition software is FaceOSC. Deer Hunter was written in 2 weeks.

After a while, deer repopulate the area, unaware of previous dangers

What Is the Motive?

I want to give a novel and fun experience to the player. Being physically able to puppeteer a monster provides a more immersive atmosphere, and seeing that effect put smiles onto the players' faces, but then they feel bad as they make deer explode into showers of blood. Seeing which emotion the players lean towards is also meaningful to me.

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